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Welcome to Music Spotlight, a place to showcase some fantastic music using playlists created on 8tracks.com, as well as our favourite videos, track of the week plus much more.

Creating a playlist and having it featured on Music Spotlight is easy. Simply visit 8tracks.com and follow the sign-up process, then you can begin creating your very own playlist. Tracks can either be uploaded from your computer or you can search for the track to see if it already appears in the Soundcloud database. Select at least 8 tracks (more if you want), some cover art, and give your mix a title then click on Publish.

Once you’ve published the playlist, click on Share and select the “Embed Player” option, then copy the Embed Code and post it under the “Submit a Playlist” section of Music Spotlight (see the Submit a Playlist page for more detail). We’ll review your request before adding it to the website for everyone to listen to.

More features will be added over the coming months as the site begins to grow. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy listening to the content that is already available.

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